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Elmo become accountable for an all-time toy craze in 1996. And nonetheless, none of them examine to Cookie Monster.Toddlers cherished that blue fur and easy vocab. We envied his diet, and a number of us nonetheless do. But as dad and mom begin looking the display with their youngsters and reconnect with Cookie Monster, a few see a unhappy mirrored image of dependancy and America’s sugar intake — or perhaps that’s simply the ranting of a person stoned off his ass on Cookie Monster, a Herculean stress with alleged Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush origins that I’ve been smoking plenty lately.You can discover lines with the identical dad and mom as Cookie Monster, like Cookies OG, Cookies Kush and OG Cookie. Are they all of the identical stress? Sort of, however now no longer really. Once the Cookies craze hit withinside the early 2010s, growers had been short to reproduce their cuts of Girl Scout Cookies with different famous lines, and backcrossing it with OG Kush become an apparent choice. After triumphing a first-region trophy on the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup in Seattle, Cookie Monster become one of the youngsters that caught around.

Cookie Monster has a recognition for enjoyable users, and it’s regarded for snowballing outcomes that chip away at pressure and ache earlier than you fall apart into bed. The intensifying excessive is relatively uncommon for effective lines, mounting fifteen to 20 mins after smoking and sending cocky stoners to sleep early. Anyone smoking this stress as fast as its Sesame Street namesake mows down cookies can’t blame Mr. Snuffleupagus for a misplaced day, due to the fact loss of productiveness is a common (and regularly sought-after) element of the excessive. Like maximum lines bearing the Cookies moniker, Cookie Monsters consists of flavors that might be at domestic inner a cereal field or ice cream shop, complete of suggestions of sourdough and creme de menthe on pinnacle of the same old weed notes of Kush, sandalwood and dank earth. Keep this one to your cookie jar and it’ll simply get higher.Cookie Monster got here with a pedigree. Its dad and mom are each a few of the maximum famous lines withinside the global and for true reasons.One of its dad and mom is the mythical OG Kush, a stress regarded to supply an extreme excessive that takes away pressure. Its different figure is the Girl Scout Cookies. GSC is a stress that induces euphoria in addition to entire frame relaxation.

As is the case of all marijuana lines, every one takes the excellent developments of its dad and mom. In that sense, we held Cookie Monster to a excessive wellknown and it has by no means didn’t supply.We’ve stuck Cookie Monster at 1136 Yuma, Berkeley Dispensary, Cherry Peak, High Level Health and Urban Dispensary.

Looks: Typically dense and triangular or cone-shaped, Cookie Monster’s buds aren’t the biggest, however they may be the brightest. Pear-coloured calyxes appearance white below a milky sheen of trichomes, bright-orange pistils and spots of blue-ish purple.

Smell: Strong suggestions of biscuit with sweet, fruity notes, nearly like a pilsner beer, hit the nostril up front, accompanied with the aid of using strong, earthy whiffs of hash and damp wood. The end result is a tangy funk with masses of sweet, doughy layers in between.

Flavor: Safe to mention that Cookie Monster takes after its Cookies historical past extra than the OG Kush facet of the family (despite the fact that Cookies lines are a part of the OG family, however you realize what I mean). Those earthy, resinous flavors of Kush and sourdough blend nicely with a cheesy, fruity funk, giving your mouth a sparkling feeling after a hit.

Effects: Treat Cookie Monster like an edible, going low and gradual even as feeling out the enjoyable outcomes. Smoking an excessive amount of may be debilitating in forty five mins, easing the frame and thoughts a long way beyond the factor of now no longer giving a shit and into the area of falling asleep even as sitting up.

Home grower’s take: “I truely get suggestions of mint extra than anything. I took a few cuttings of it from a grower who can’t be named, and it truely grew to become out quite strong. We were given extra than a pound in step with plant from it, which isn’t terrible, however it took approximately ten weeks to absolutely bloom, and we didn’t do a good deal higher in destiny runs with it. Made a few splendid rosin, though.”

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