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Moonrocks Pre-Rolled Joints


Each Moonrocks Pre-Rolled Joints is 1.2 grams of Bud, Oil and Kief made from a different type of cannabis and premium honey oil. Coated with strain specific Keif plus 5% CBD keif as goes with all the Moonrocks Pre-Rolled Joints to prevent green-outs as well as to give a stronger effect.

Moonrocks Pre-Rolled Joints or cannabis caviar is among the very strongest forms of cannabis. To make a this nugget of marijuana, bud is dipped in hash oil and coated with kief…. and the final product THC concentration is usually 50% plus, plus.


♣ ** Extremely Potent **

♣ Blueberry, Strawberry, Grapefruit and Original OG

♣ NEW FLAVORS – Vanilla Ice Cream & Green Apple (Sativa)

♣ No Artificial Terpenes Added


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